Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How to work from home effectively

- Find a separate place to work. If this is a bedroom or a room with a television, where they usually rest, more difficult to concentrate on work. These places we associate with relaxation, not with concentration and a willingness to solve problems.

- Create a separate profile on the system. During working hours, often distracting us the little things, like running or instant messaging in the browser history pages, suggesting that you can now read the jokes. A separate user account so you can arrange to have on hand only what you really need. In addition to logout and will signal to your subconscious that now end up having fun and we get to work.

- Establish specific working hours. If we give ourselves time around the clock, it usually ends up that in fact we are working around the clock. The finding that professional issues are "big time" for example, between 10.00 am and 16.00 pm, can reduce significantly the time spent at work.

- Inform the household that you are working. Mostly it is just that, "since, and so sit in your house, you can do ..." Tell that at pre-set hours "you can not do it" because you are working. If you were to exercise its functions away from home, you would not have access - there must also be a bit stop you from scattering during operation.

- Cherish social contacts. One disadvantage of telecommuting is that we have no contact with living people, which is usually many companies. We talk through emails or instant messaging - but it lacks the usual direct communication. For the sake of good mental health, one must necessarily balance the friends outside the company, meetings, socializing or just leaving occasionally for coffee somewhere.