Sunday, February 20, 2011

Quantum register

Quantum register is a group of atoms, each of which implements one of the qubits. Each string of zeros and ones of length equal to the size of the register can be written in kubitach this system (as in the register of conventional memory cells, but in the registry that at any given time can be saved only a string of zero-one). Quantum register, as consisting of qubits can be in a position which is a superposition of any number of zero-ones-strings. If in such a quantum register has been written by some large data base, the execution of certain operations on that register kubitach would be tantamount to perform this operation on all data at once.
If the registry contains a quantum superposition of very many of the results obtained in parallel, is to shell it, we need the data, we need quantum algorithms. Algorithms performed by a quantum computer algorithms are probabilistic. This means that running the same program on your computer, double-quantum, would have been obtained completely different results because of the randomness of quantum measurement process.